The Care Bill – Clause 118 now 119

Cameron wrecking ball, no shadowTuesday 11 March 2014  marks another dark day for our NHS under David Cameron’s government. Despite fierce opposition Jeremy Hunt’s controversial hospital closure clause is now law. 

The battle to stop clause 119 of the Care bill was lost when Lib Dem MP Paul Burstow pulled his amendment- which would have given local commissioners the final say –in a truly shocking u-turn even by Lib Dem standards. 

Don’t let this be the end of it – email or tweet your MP to demand why they backed #Clause119 NOW

How did you MP vote? Check out the roll call of shame here

 Better still, help us tweet @ the Lib Dem MPs who turned their backs on our NHS. Send your own message or copy and paste from the suggestions below: 

1. .@PaulBurstow Why the u-turn? Tell us why you sold out on #clause119

2. .@annette4MDNP - Shame on you. We won't forget your NHS betrayal come election time #clause119

3. .@AndrewGeorgeLD .Tell us why you turned your back on our NHS and backed the hospital closure #clause119 

Check out the roll call of shame – if your MP voted with the government and backed clause 119 of the Care Bill, aka the hospital closure clause on Tuesday 11 March - Email them today and ask them why?? Find your MP's contact details using the box below and type your message in the box provided.

Jeremy Hunt could come for your hospital next. The Save Lewisham Hospital campaigners fought the secretary of state and won - the government's now made it easier to fast track hospital closure without any real public consultation.    .

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