Support the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2016

NHS Bill banner 2016The NHS in England is being sold off, broken up and starved of cash. Only a change in law can stop the damage. Now more than ever we need to fight to save.

The NHS Reinstatement Bill is the change in law our NHS needs to make it publicly funded and publicly accountable once again. It gets its second reading in the House of Commons on Friday 11 March 2016, which doesn’t give us much time to convince our MPs to stick around and back the bill.

Take action : 

Our NHS needs YOU now, please take a few minutes to take these actions: 

Join us:

Join us to hand in the petition at the Department of Health, Richmond House, 79 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2NS (nearly opposite 10 Downing St) at  9.45am on Friday 11 March and to a rally opposite Houses of Parliament at 11am to publicise and support this Bill and highlight what is happening to our NHS.

Unite backs the NHS Bill for providing the legal framework to:

  • Restore the NHS as an accountable public service 
  • Reverse 25 years of marketisation in the NHS
  • Abolish the purchaser-provider split, end contracting and re-establish public bodies and public services accountable to local communities
  • Support integration of health with social care
  • Remove the NHS from EU competition law
  • Assert the control of the four UK legislatures over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) if it would affect the NHS in any part of the UK
  • Restore the duty of government to provide health services across England
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