Save our NHS What we want

  • A return to basics – a comprehensive and universal NHS that is publicly funded, publicly owned and publicly accountable, free at the point of delivery on the basis of need and not the ability to pay
  • David Cameron's Health and Social Care Act 2012 repealed and along with it the damaging aspects of competition
  • An end to the privatisation of our NHS

And we want your MP to:

  • Publicly pledge to back an NHS free from profit
  • Pledge to raise the profile of the Unite Save our NHS campaign in the Houses of Parliament by challenging the secretary of state and by raising concerns of their constituents
Be sure to tell your MP that Unite will be monitoring the backdoor privatisation. With just months to go before the election it’s time to act. Use the MP look up below to send a message to your MP. Simply enter your postcode to get started.

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