Save our NHS - email your MP

SaveourNHSlogoSince the government's so-called healthcare reforms, £7 billion worth of NHS contracts have flooded the private healthcare market. Firms such as Virgin Care, Serco and Circle are set to make huge profits from the privatisation of our health. 

Public money is now pouring into private hands, but instead of being able to see who's making money from the services we pay for, companies can hide behind 'commercial confidentiality'. Send your MP a message telling them to back Early Day Motion (773) on private healthcare and freedom of information.

Read more about the motion and find out whether your MP has signed it here: Early Day Motion 773

Email your MP-Simply enter your postcode to get started. Don't forget to enter your name, email and home address so that your MP knows you are a constituent. Add your message. Stuck for what to say? Simply write:

  • Please sign Early Day Motion (EDM) 773 and back the call for private healthcare companies to be subject to freedom of information requests (FOIs) under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, in the same way as existing NHS public sector organisations. 
  • Stand up for the NHS, and help stop the destruction of our greatest national treasure.
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