Save our NHS

Why do we need to Save our NHS?

Privatisation is putting our NHS in England at grave risk. In three years this government's given us cuts, queues and chaos. With £20 billion of new NHS contracts soon up for grabs big business is queuing up to cash in on our ill health, all thanks to the government's Health and Social Care Act. Our money should be spent on improving services and training staff, not on shareholders and managing contracts. Read more about the threat of privatisation here..

NHS condition critical

Unite backs the bill...

Get your MP to vote and support Clive Efford's bill to protect our NHS

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NHS for sale

NHS for sale updates

regular updates exposing the privatisation creep of NHS services in England

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NHS campaigns map

Get involved

NHS campaigns near you

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NHS Heart 218x130

Share your NHS story

Help us build a snapshot of cuts to jobs & services.

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Trafford's NHS birthday celebrations

Spread the word

Download & share the latest campaign materials.

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David Cameron is wrecking our NHS - stop him

email David Cameron

Tell the PM to stand by his NHS promises.

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lobby your MP

Lobby your MP; top tips on what to say and how to say it

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