Thank you NHS workers

What better way to celebrate than thanking the 1.3 million people who work in it!
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We think NHS workers deserve a big THANK YOU for all that they do so we’re making July a month to share your positive NHS stories and to thank NHS workers. Scroll down and say thank you by filling in the form below. 

Now more than ever NHS workers need us to speak up for them. Years of attacks to their pay and terms and conditions as the government tears the NHS apart and sells if off is taking its toll.  We are right to be proud of our NHS, it’s the world’s best and cheapest healthcare system, ranking first overall in quality, access and efficiency.  We’re not saying the NHS is perfect but while this government gets away with talking it down, we think it’s time to share our positive NHS stories and to say THANK YOU to NHS workers.

Please fill in the form below and share your positive messages about NHS workers and what they have done for you.