NHS pay reps' checklist

A message to Unite’s workplace representatives

Thank you for all your hard work getting the YES vote on pay. Now is the time for action.

Day of strike action -13 October

On Monday 13 October 2014 we are calling on ALL Unite members to take strike action for four hours from 07:00 to 11:00. 

As part of the action, we are asking our members to protest outside their local hospital (or recommended meeting point). If members start work later in the day, we ask that you come in early and join the protest from 07:00 or the earliest possible time after that. For staff already in work, we ask that you stop work at 07:00 and come out and join in the local protest. 

We will ensure that no patients are put at risk.

A month of action short of strike

From midnight on Monday 13 October to 9 November members will engage in a month of industrial action short of a strike or work to rule. Members are called upon to stick to their contractual hours of 37.5 hours a week and not undertake any unpaid over time during this period. Make sure that members take their full breaks and start and leave work on time.

Remember: NHS staff give on average, a day a week to the NHS in unpaid overtime, totalling £1.5 billion a year. 

Ambulance staff

Unite members working in the ambulance service will start a week long overtime ban (action short of strike) from midnight on Monday 13 October to midnight on Sunday 19 October. 

Get ready – Unite will be sending resources, including flags, placards and flyers to the regions over the next week. We have a very short window to get materials to the regions so bear with us.  Please speak to your regional officer to secure a supply in time for the action. 

Unite needs to be visible on the picket line. Encourage members to wear red and make their own placard messages. 

Reps checklist 

  • Make sure that members understand ‘work to rule’, eg no unpaid overtime, and that we are asking members to observe the overtime ban for one month.
  • Encourage ALL members to take part in the four hour strike action on Monday 13 October. That includes members that start work later or are not in work. We need as many people protesting as possible!
  • Make sure members know where to gather on the day of the strike action.
  • Keep reminding members to work to rule.
  • Speak to your regional officer – find out what support they need and how to collect your strike materials 
  • Distribute strike pack materials in your workplace, including flags, placards, stickers and flyer.
  • Speak to other unions to coordinate action 
  • Be prepared to answer questions from members about the action. Unite’s F&Qs will help.
Other unions – coordinated action
The GMB, UNISON, RCM, UCATT, SoR and BDA (dieticians) are planning to join the action. Please speak to other unions to plan local actions and let us know what is happening in your region. Email with your plans.

Emergency Cover
Unite has a clear policy about emergency cover. We will not put patients at risk. The Unite policy for cover is based on providing a safe emergency service equivalent to that run on Christmas day.