NHS 4:1 campaign

4 to 1 campaignNHS patients deserve better. There is a wealth of research that shows the more experienced skilled nurses we have in our community and hospital services and the more time nurses spend with patients, the safer our hospitals are and the better the care.

We wish to build a movement amongst NHS staff and the general public which can convince the government to implement mandatory staffing ratios.

We are arguing for a mandatory minimum ratio of nurses, so there would be no more than 4 patients to 1 nurse, with variations according to your hospital ward’s or unit specialty. For example, on a typical acute medical or surgery ward there would be one nurse for every four patients on a typical day shift.

We are calling only for a mandatory minimum, not a limit, so nursing numbers can and should be increased to meet higher patient need in areas with extremely unwell patients like high dependency and intensive care.

This campaign is run by a group of nursing professionals campaigning for the introduction of nurse-to-patient ratios in the National Health Service. Nurse-to-patient ratios are essential to provide a safe level of care. NHS hospitals and community services have been plagued by underfunding and a shortage of experienced nurses for a long time.

Our petition campaign is just the start, we hope to generate groups of nurses who are willing to campaign locally in their hospital, and link them into a national movement able to create the change we need to see in our NHS.