Back the biomedical scientists at NGH

24 July - Talks via the mediation service Acas have resulted in a negotiated settlement to the long-running dispute between Northampton General Hospital and 55 pathology workers.
The deal was accepted by the pathology staff at a meeting convened by their union, Unite, last night.
The new agreement will see changes to the pathology staff contracts effective from March 2015.
Acceptance of the new terms will see the workforce will return to work on Monday 28 July 2014.
Neither party will be commenting further on the details as the focus now is to secure a swift return to normal working at the hospital.

Unite is calling on Northampton General Hospital ‘to come clean’ on fears that it is ‘playing Russian roulette’ with patient safety as the unprecedented ‘lock out’ of 78 biomedical scientists continues.

Unite members, who have been involved in an increasingly bitter year long dispute over the trust’s plans to sack and re-engage workers on worse terms and conditions, were banned by the trust from entering the workplace on Thursday 26 June 2014 as they prepared to take legitimate industrial action.

The union has accused the trust of putting patient safety at grave risk and wasting trust resources in its heavy-handed bid to force workers to accept new detrimental terms without any meaningful negotiation.

Sign the petition below to get Northampton General Hospital’s biomedical scientists back to work

Unite is calling on Gus Lusack, head of pathology at Northampton General Hospital to:

  • Allow all biomedical scientists banned from work back into the workplace with immediate effect.
  • Remove the ‘sign or be sacked ultimatum and commit to negotiate in a meaningful way on the proposed new contracts which could see members lose up to £6,000 a year.
  • Stop putting patient safety at risk and denying the people of Northampton the expertise and skill of our dedicated and professional biomedical scientists.
  • Stop wasting precious NHS resources on semi skilled and agency staff to break the strike

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