Working in publishing criterion for low pay membership

Effective 1st September 2015, the Executive Council established a new low pay subscription scale for members whose (a) basic hourly pay is below the Living Wage (currently £7.85 per hour out of London and £9.15 in London) and whose normal weekly net earnings are below £300 or (b) aggregate P60 earnings (across all employers) are less than £15,000 per year (indexed annually).

To be eligible for Low Pay membership, a member must provide as evidence their payslips (three consecutive payslips not more than three months old) or P60’s on an annual basis. 

The member’s contribution levels are to be reduced from the 1st day of the next following month.

The member shall be entitled to pay contributions at the Low Pay rate until 31st August of the following year.

Each year, to retain Low Pay eligibility, the member must produce their payslips dated after 1st April or their P60 (’s) for the prior tax year by 31st July.

Members not producing such documentation by 31 July shall have their contributions level automatically raised to the Full Pay rate as at 1st September of that year.