Unite in Pearson UK

As a new employee of Pearson UK you will be aware from your offer letter that your terms and conditions including pay are covered by a collective agreement with Unite the Union.  This means that whether you work in Harlow, London or Oxford you are part of this collective group and therefore we are inviting you to join Unite so that you can have your say on the matters that affect you at work.

We are your local representatives: Maggie Wells, Harlow, Mark Anstee, London and Shan Sriharan, Oxford. 

We are available to talk to you about the benefits of being in Unite and answer any questions you may have in your first few weeks here at Pearson.

Once you have begun work and are on site you will have access to the Union pages on the company’s internal neo site and here you can post questions, keep abreast of developments and read the full union agreement for yourself.

In the meantime drop us an email at and let us know when you start and one of us can meet up with you for a cup of coffee and a chat.