Springer Nature - e-petition for union recognition and...

Unite and NUJ are the unions that were formally recognized by Macmillan / Springer Nature as representing our staff. The unions are seeking to re-establish pay bargaining rights from Springer Nature, whereby management would be required to negotiate with the unions to agree the annual pay increase. Additionally, Unite and NUJ would be entitled to negotiate with Springer Nature on any aspect of pay, working hours, and other employment terms and conditions. With pay bargaining rights, Unite and NUJ can ensure that we are all paid fairly for the work we do and that there is more transparency in how pay and conditions are determined.

The first step is for staff to demonstrate your support for pay bargaining rights for the unions by signing this online petition. It is completely confidential – Springer Nature will never see the signatures.

If you have already signed, no need to do so again. If you would like any further information on the petition, please contact Louisa Bull.


Please make sure you use a private email address and not your Springer Nature email address when signing the petition. I, the undersigned worker, who is employed by Springer Nature, ask that Unite and NUJ be formally recognised as being entitled to conduct collective bargaining on my behalf.