GPM & IT - skills & training

Unite has been very active promoting the use of union learning reps (ULRs), with hundreds of registered ULRs throughout the UK and a number of Union Learning agreements with employers. Unite ULRs are very active in helping members to raise their levels of education and also specific technical knowledge and language.

Unite has embarked on a number of projects to secure funds from the government and the European Commission to make money available to those members wishing to train. Along with that Unite has local agreements with employers to encourage apprenticeships, which the industry is in dire need of. More informaiton on Unite's education and training programme.

Unite runs a scholarship grant in partnership with the BPIF and The Printing Charity, bursaries are awarded on an annual basis to individuals in the industry who are in need of funds for further training or to finance projects. Unite works with the Sector Skills Council for IT, e-skills.