Get it right campaign

Get it right from a genuine siteThe UK publishing sector encompasses the production/distribution of information including newspapers, magazines, books, journals and directories and generates around £10 billion, with around £3 billion in books alone. It is comprised of around 11,000 businesses, most small with less than 10 employees, and employs around 120,000 people. Unite has many members in the sector in companies like Macmillan Publishers; Cambridge University Press; Penguin Random House; and Pearson.

Illegal downloads cost the industry substantial sums every year, putting members jobs at risk. This campaign is being run to make sure people acquire the TV, music, films, games, books, newspapers, magazines and sport that they like from genuine services, supporting creativity in the UK. Every time someone watches, listens, reads or plays, they make a choice, either to support the things they love and help them flourish and grow, or to contribute nothing. By supporting what people love, they can invest in creating more of it and the development of new artists and ideas. So make sure you ‘get it right from a genuine site’.

How to get involved in  the campaign

There are several ways for people to get involved either by clicking on the ‘Get it Right from a Genuine Site’ which has a plethora of helpful information or attend the: ‘United, We Publish - Your place in the workplace’ event on the 27 October 2015 from 18:30-21:30 at St.Bride’s Foundation, London. Ticket information and more about the event can be found at: