Unite initiative to boost Morning Star

Unite initiative to boost Morning Star

19 February 2013

Morning Star 1A new initiative by Unite, in conjunction with the Morning Star, was launched recently to boost sales and shares in the UK's only daily left wing newspaper - The Morning Star.

In a campaign spearheaded by general secretary Len McCluskey, Unite has written to all branches explaining why they should take out a regular order for the newspaper and how they can help the paper survive in the current difficult climate - by taking out shares and supporting the fighting fund.

It is one of a number of new initiatives Unite is implementing to help the paper.

In a leaflet sent to all union branches Len McCluskey General Secretary says: "The Morning Star is an invaluable weapon that supports the trade union movement and one that I would like all activists in the union to read. That is why I am asking you to get your Unite branch to place a local order for at least one copy of the Morning Star daily.

"There is no substitute for reading the paper but you could also take out a shareholding in the Morning Star and send a regular monthly sum to the paper's Fighting Fund."

And that is exactly what branches are starting to do, with requests for shares coming in from branches from Scotland, the north west, south east and the south-west.

The leaflet also contains a printed form to hand to retailers to order a daily copy and an application for shares in the PPPS.

As Unite branches get into their cycle of meetings for 2013, the Morning Star hopes to pick up more daily readers, shareholders and regular fighting fund donations.

As Len McCluskey says: "Get cracking and order the Morning Star - the only daily paper that supports you and your union!"