Finance and Legal - campaigns

Unite campaigns tirelessly on the issues important to our members including pay, job security, divestment, offshoring and outsourcing, as well as cutting edge campaigns such as the Robin Hood Tax.

100%  Campaign
The current focus of Unite's 100% Campaign within the Finance and Legal sector is the Royal Bank of Scotland, this campaign focuses on building active, sustainable membership within RBS and campaigning on local issues affecting members within their workplaces.

Robin Hood TaxRobin Hood Tax
Unite is campaigning for radical overhaul of Britain’s financial and banking system to bring about fairer and progressive tax system which will help working people and inject much needed demand into an economy brought to its knees by feral capitalism. Find out more.
Unite is investigating pressure selling in the finance sector. As the UK’s largest union of financial professionals Unite is launching an investigation into the pressure selling culture within Britain’s banks and insurance firms. How does this impact you and your colleagues? Fill in the short survey.