Meeting the climate change challenge

In December 2015, the United Nations meet in Paris for one of the most important international conferences since the end of the Second World War. Tackling climate change is the challenge of our time, one that all nations must face as they gather in Paris to agree a framework for action among all 195 UN member states.

Unite’s new briefing, Meeting the Climate Change Challenge, shows that the dramatic shift to a low carbon future will affect working people in all walks of life, from energy supply and transport to manufacturing, health and public services.

Unions are calling on the UN not only to agree to halt global warming and reverse carbon emissions; Unite, along with others including the TUC, believes it is crucial that there must be a ‘just transition’ in the changes that lie ahead - one that ensures workers are treated decently.

The UN must also ensure that the key principles of a ‘just transition’ are adopted in Paris.   
For unions, a just transition means a place at the table, investment in green and decent jobs and new skills, a balanced energy, low carbon economy and respect for labour and human rights.

TUC Congress 2015 agreed to support the national People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs on 29 November 2015 in London.

Unite is happy to encourage our members to support the march and to campaign for a fair, ambitious and binding climate change treaty.

Len McCluskey, General Secretary, October 2015