Energy and Utilities - industrial issues

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Wind, Wave & Tidal Power
Unite the Union has members in every form of power generation and distribution, we are exceptionally mindful of the massive potential for growth and employment that the renewable energy industry provides.

In February 2012 Unite and RenewableUK signed a ground breaking Memorandum of Understanding which committed both organisations to actively campaign to ensure that funding and policies are in place that will facilitate growth and innovation in the renewable energy industry.

As well as being the foremost trade union in energy, Unite are also a key stakeholder in the development of strategic policy and the provision of the long term supply of skilled operatives for the industry.  

Unite are committed to support the UK wind, wave and tidal industries to ensure that they create long term skilled employment opportunities.

Unite are keen to work with employers at regional and national level to publicise the benefits of an expanding renewable energy industry.

Unite are dedicated to establishing and open and transparent dialogue between employers and workers in the renewable energy industry for the mutual benefit of both groups.

Naturally Unite remain convinced that unionised workplaces are more productive and safer working environments and are keen to have a relationship with progressive employers who share this view.