Energy and Utilities - briefings and research papers

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Click here for a copy of Sellafield at the Heart of a Low Carbon Energy Future

Unite Position Paper on Energy
Click here for Unite's Position Paper on Energy.

Low Carbon Electricity
Click here for a copy of the Unite Response to the Department of Energy & Climate Change call for evidence on Delivering Secure Low Carbon Electricity.

Click here for a copy of the Renewable Energy Review undertaken by the Committee on Climate Change (May 2011).

Smart Metering
Unite is extremely concerned that insufficient consideration has been given to the provision of a skilled and competent workforce to undertake the smart meter rollout programme.

If the Government is serious in its aspiration that the UK becomes a genuinely low carbon economy it is essential that those competent operatives and backroom staff who will ultimately be displaced at the conclusion of the rollout programme are redeployed elsewhere in the industry to encourage the development and take up of renewable energy and micro-generation. Training strategies to facilitate this need to be in place now, before those workers are lost to the industry.    

More immediately Unite has very real concerns that the ultimate legacy of the smart meter rollout programme will be not only the dilution of existing employment opportunities in energy and utilities sector but also the proliferation of shady employment practices with little or no opportunity for training.

Unite is therefore seeking an open and transparent dialogue with all industry stakeholders to ensure that the programme is delivered on time and on budget and generates the maximum benefit to the UK economy and its workforce.

Click here for Unite's submission to the Department of Energy & Climate Change and OFGEM.