Education sector - pay, terms and conditions

In Higher Education, Unite is part of the Joint Negotiating Committee for Higher Education Staff (JNCHES). 

++11 May 2016 - postal consultative ballot regarding JNCHES final pay offer 2016-2017 letter from Mike McCartney, National Officer++

You can download the 2013 agreement by clicking here.

Pay 2013
The trade unions submitted the below pay claim to the Employers - they have responded with an offer of 1%. The Education NISC will be meeting shortly to decide how to proceed.
You can download the 2013 JNCHES 2013 Pay claim here.

Pay 2012
The Trade Unions have asked for a substantial uplift on all pay points and for the implementation of the living wage. The Employers organisation – UCEA – has responded with a paltry offer of 1% on all spine points that was rejected by our members in a consultative ballot. Our members deserve better after experiencing pay cuts in real terms and having their living standards squeezed.

You can download the Trade Unions' Joint Pay Claim here.

Pay 2011
Unite remains in dispute for the 2011-12 pay round.The Employers made an ‘offer’ of £150 on all spine points. Unite balloted for industrial action in response, and took a series of actions short of strike. The Employers offer was imposed on Unite members in January 2012.

You can download the JNCHES 2011 Pay Claim here.

Pay 2010
You can download the 2010-2011 Pay Spine here.

You can find the associated materials that the unions put together for the 2010 pay claim below.

Press releases
May 5th 2010 - New JNCHES Trade Union side Press Release

30 March 2010 - New JNCHES Trade Union side Press Release

30 March 2010 - UCEA’s statement on the first meeting of New JNCHES pay negotiations on 29 March 2010

Background Materials
Employers’ background document

JNCHES - Trade union side national claim - 2010

Job security agreement principles - May 2010.

Terms and Conditions
You can find information on different areas of University terms and conditions below. You should also look at the main Unite resources section for information on employment law and your rights at work.  (All of the below can be found under the current ‘workplace issues and negotiations’ section on the website)

Working Hours and Holidays

Overtime Harmonisations