New JNCHES Joint Unions Press Release 5th May 2010

New JNCHES Joint Unions Press Release 5th May 2010

05 May 2010


At a meeting of New JNCHES on 5 May, the HE employers revised their offer in response to the trade side claim. The employers increased their offer of a non-consolidated payment equivalent to 0.25% of the pay bill to 0.4% (non-consolidated) of the pay bill. The employers invited the trade unions to discuss the distribution of the offer. Although the employers indicated a willingness to engage in further discussion on training and career development, they again refused to enter into a dialogue to secure a nationally-agreed approach on job security.

In response, the trade union side noted the slightly improved offer but stated that:

    The employers offer was for a second year of a real term reduction in pay;
    We were not interested in discussing how to distribute a pay cut
    The employers’ refusal to enter national level talks on job security was unacceptable

The trade unions asked the employers’ to review their position. Another national-level meeting between the unions and employers has been agreed for Friday 28 May.”