DP World campaign

DP World is the owner of a number of port terminals around the globe and in all its dealings, they have snubbed trade unions offers of co-operation and a rejection of workers choice to join a trade union. Working with the ITF Dockers Section we beleive that DP World is systematically attempting to undermine the wages terms and conditions of workers all over the world by engaging in anti-union behaviour.

DP World has:-
  • Refused to enter into meaningful negotiations with Unite and refused to sign a collective agreement to cover the workers being hired at its new port facility "The London Gateway". Click here for more on this campaign
  • Refused to recognise Madras Port Trust Employees Union, the legitimate union representing workers in Chennai, India and promoting a yellow union entirely controlled by the management of Chenni Container Terminal Ltd. which is owned by DP World
  • Hiring port workers out of the official port workers register with the objective of avoiding negotiations on a CBA with the union SUTRAMPORPC, even when the Peruvian Ministry has recognized the union does have a branch collective agreement in Callao, that should be respected
  • Denying the right of freedom of association to workers at International Container Transhipment Terminal, a DP World hub terminal in Cochin, India.
  • Not renewing the collective agreement at Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal (NSICT-DPW), which expired in August 2012.
  • Using the introduction of automated machinery at its Brisbane, Australia terminal as a cover for undermining union organisation, insisting on massive job cuts and the transfer of some union jobs to management.

The London Gateway has been declared by the ITF to be a Port of Convenience and a priority target for the ITF's Port of Convenience campaign.

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