Stop umbrella companies exploiting construction workers

Justice 4 construction workers

Email your MP NOW - STOP the umbrella contract scandal 

Construction workers are being left high and dry – losing out on up to £120 a week - because construction firms don’t want to employ them directly. Instead thousands of workers are forced to go through umbrella companies – if they don’t sign the umbrella contract they don’t get the work.

Enter your postcode to email your MP. Unite has drafted a message inviting your MP to attend the parliamentary lobby and protest of MPs on Wednesday 26 November. To find out how the 'umbrella contract' scandal is robbing workers of considerable parts of their income, which is pocketed by the payroll companies administering the umbrella scheme.

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What's so wrong with umbrella companies?

Nearly all umbrella contracts are insecure, zero-hour contracts, leaving workers with no financial stability.

Umbrella companies: 

  • o     Take a cut of up to £20-£30 a week
  • o     Charge the worker both employers’ and employees’ 
  • o     National Insurance contributions 
  • o     Only pay the worker National Minimum Wage 
  • o     Often roll-up holiday pay in the rate
  • o     Wages ma de-up through dubious expenses

What is Unite calling for?

  • o     Workers who are not self-employed to be directly employed
  • o     The hourly rate a worker is paid to be agreed between the worker and their employer
  • o     Itemised pay statements to be transparent and easy to understand

What can you do?

  • o      Email your MP – use the form above and help bring justice for exploited construction workers 
  • o     Join the joint Unite and Ucatt parliamentary protest and lobby on Wednesday 26 November
  • o     Download the flyer: Share the facts (England)  (Scotland)
  • . o     Put up a poster: (England)  (Scotland)
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