JIB launches Apprentice Video and App

JIB launches Apprentice Video and App

12 December 2016

As part of its ongoing support for industry apprenticeships, the JIB has launched two online tools to assist apprentices during their training.

A new one-minute video clip firstly gives a brief overview of the JIB’s role, what the organisation does, details on ECS cards and the support the JIB can provide. Alongside this, the JIB Apprentice App provides more detailed advice and guidance specifically for JIB-registered apprentices.

Available on iPhone and Android, the app features bite-sized chunks of information on areas such as ECS cards, the JIB handbook, safe isolation procedures and pay rates for JIB apprentices.

In addition to the essential guidance linked to employment and training, the app also signposts to additional benefits and services such as the JIB Handtool Replacement Scheme, discounted driving lessons and counselling services.

The app has been specifically designed for JIB-registered apprentices, but much of the information is useful to all electrotechnical apprentices.

“Our Apprentice App is an easy reference guide for JIB apprentices so they can always have useful information to hand,” said Steve Brawley, JIB chief executive. “At the start of your apprenticeship there’s so much to take in – most of it undoubtedly gets forgotten! We hope that with the app we can be a constant source of advice throughout the lifetime of their training.”

19-yr old Joe Durant, a JTL apprentice registered with the JIB, was one of the first to view and test the app. “The entire design and layout made it extremely easy and simple to navigate without any problems - I was able to find what I wanted in literally seconds,” said Joe. “The information included in the app is very helpful, because I found out things I didn't previously know were involved in my apprenticeship.

“In my eyes it’s great for all apprentices as it gives us the vital pieces of information we seek and require for our apprenticeship and future careers.”

To watch the video and link to the app visit