Important Notice: Unite Scaffolding members employed i...

Important Notice: Unite Scaffolding members employed in Building and Civil Engineering (CISRS CPD)

27 November 2017

Further to Unite securing wording in the NAECI for employer funding of direct costs for the two day CISRS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course for Scaffolders, as detailed in our 12th June 2017 notice to Unite Scaffolding members employed in the Engineering Construction industry here.

Following lengthy discussions throughout this year, progress has now been made with both NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) and the employers’ side of the CIJC Working Rule Agreement, in regard to Scaffolders working in the Building and Civil Engineering side of the sector.

The statement from NASC can be viewed by clicking here.

We advise members to read the above note carefully, which represents a welcome step forward by the NASC and CIJC employers’ side in regard to the payment of direct costs for CISRS CPD.

Members in Building and Civil Engineering are advised in the first instance to refer their employers to the above statements if they experience any difficulty in securing the meeting of costs for the CPD course, and to contact their shop steward or Unite Regional Officer for assistance if they still experience difficulties thereafter.

Jerry Swain, Unite National Officer for Construction said:

“Unite welcome this long overdue acceptance by the employers that they must meet the costs of CPD courses. The Trade Unions met a great deal of resistance from the employers’ side in regard to including a clause on this matter in the CIJC Working Rule Agreement. However this was a matter of principle that Unite was not prepared to concede on and we are pleased the employers have now seen sense”.

Unite members are reminded that whether working  under a collective agreement or not, the duty for arranging of training and meeting the cost of CPD is the responsibility of the employers in their duty of care, as outlined in our January 2017 bulletin which can be viewed here.