Electricians in England and Wales; do you know or work...

Electricians in England and Wales; do you know or work with an adult learner who needs to complete their electrical qualifications?

09 November 2015

Electricians in England and Wales; do you know or work with an adult learner who needs to complete their electrical qualifications but has not had the opportunity to do so? The chances are that many of you do, as this includes individuals who have been unable to complete their training and evidence portfolios in the economic downturn when employers went out of business, or dropped out of the apprenticeship programme, or Adult Trainees and Trainee Electricians who have built up experience and successfully gained their technical certificates at college, but are still a step away from completing and need some financial help to get there.

The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP) is a not-for-profit industry partnership formed by the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), Joint Industry Board (JIB), JTL, National Electrotechnical Training (NET), SELECT, SummitSkills and Unite the Union to support, develop and drive the industry's skills agenda. TESP has launched a new subsidised career progression programme for such learners who were unable to complete in England and Wales, to help them complete their studies and attain full JIB electrician status to the electrical contracting industry's required Level 3 standards.  

The TESP Career Progression Programme aims to fully qualify 1,000 electricians into the industry, and will distribute grants over a two year period, providing a subsidised route to full electrician status and is specifically designed for practicing operatives and experienced workers, who have been working within the electrotechnical industry for a number of years and wish to demonstrate their technical knowledge, performance and competence to the industry standard Level 3.

The assessment process will be delivered by JTL, the industry's own charitable training provider in England and Wales, and rigorously follows the existing JIB Mature Candidate Assessment to NVQ Level 3, inclusive of the AM2 final end point Assessment of Occupational Competence in order to meet the full JIB grading criteria. Upon successful completion of the programme and attainment of the required qualifications, the individual will be eligible for JIB grading as an electrician and an ECS gold card.

If you know a colleague who would be eligible, tell them about the programme and how it can aid in their next step in progressing their career. Comprehensive links outlining the assessment process and enrolment are provided below:

The outline of the programme can be viewed on the TESP website here: TESP Career Progression Programme

Full details of the JIB Mature Candidate Assessment can be viewed here: JIB Mature Candidate Assessment

Full details on the AM2 can be viewed on the NET website here: AM2

The Training Provider JTL have prepared a number of frequently asked questions here: Career Progression Programme FAQs

Enquiries from individuals to enrol on the programme should be submitted online here via JTL: Career Progression Programme Enquiry