Changes to JIB and SJIB Travel Allowance and Travelling Time

Changes to JIB and SJIB Travel Allowance and Travelling Time

12 December 2016

From Monday 2nd January 2017 the existing Travel Allowance and Travelling Time tables will be replaced by:

(i)  A  Mileage Allowance for operatives and apprentices using their own transport from the Shop to their place of work. This allowance will not be taxable.
(ii) A taxable Mileage Rate for those operatives and apprentices for whom transport has been provided.

These will be introduced on jobs over 15 miles travelled from the Shop to the Job and vice versa using the shortest route. The shortest route will be calculated using the RAC Route Planner and will be paid both ways.

Unite National Officer for Construction, Bernard McAulay said: “This is a significant step forward in regard to the payment of travel time and travel allowances for the workforce within the electrical contracting industry, and brings a more progressive and fairer calculation for travel payments for our members in today’s environment for 2017 and beyond”.

Full details, including the rates and payments relating to Mileage Allowance and Mileage Rates can be found on the JIB website.