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No more blacklisting roundel

In May 2016, Unite won significant levels of compensation and a public apology for workers systematically denied employment for their trade union activities by companies including Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Laing O’Rourke and Sir Robert McAlpine. Yet from our members' experiences we believe blacklisting is a contemporary problem that continues to blight lives. Bogus self-employment, unscrupulous agencies and payroll companies make a bad situation worse. Unite's demand that the major contractors directly employ their workforce is linked to the campaign to root out blacklisting and discrimination.

“Closing the Net, tackling contemporary blacklisting" is Unite's next step to tackle contemporary blacklisting and discrimination. We ask our construction activists the following questions:

  • Are you being refused work that you are qualified to do?
  • Are employers or agencies not returning your calls?
  • Have you had offers of work suddenly withdrawn?
  • Are you repeatedly being finished early before the end of your contract?
  • Do you suspect you have been blacklisted?

Unite’s guidance sets out a step by step process the union advises members follow. This includes advice on contact with people in the industry responsible for hiring. We are urging our members to make a record of their job applications and to follow through on the disheartening brush offs and refusals of work.

“Closing the Net” can be taken one of two ways by construction employers, either as an invitation to work with Unite to root out discrimination hidden by opaque hiring practice, or notice that Unite will fund and organise to achieve the same objective. Either way, Unite is determined to ‘close the net.

In 2009 a conspiracy against construction workers on a breath-taking scale was exposed. This confirmed what many workers in the industry knew to be true, major contractors were systematically denying workers employment because of their association with trade unions... click here for more..

Access WorkersAccess Workers is a unique new jobs website that helps support Direct Employment within the construction industry.

The aim is to create a fairer job market for all and to make Access Workers the ‘go-to’ place for all construction industry employers in future.

Access Workers also provides many benefits for those that are currently employed and employers. 

Even if you are currently in employment we encourage you to sign up and help support this initiative.

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