NUBSLI – the National Union of British Sign Language I...

NUBSLI logo NUBSLI (the National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters) has been set up in response to the threats faced by British Sign Language interpreters and translators, collectively making it clear that workers are not prepared to accept poor terms and conditions, unsustainable working conditions and inappropriate levels of remuneration.

NUBSLI's action plan for the coming year includes: 

  • Recruiting new members to gain a high percentage of interpreters within the union
  • Increasing representation with relevant organisations
  • Exploring fixing minimum pay rates and statutory late payment fees where Access to Work are not paying
  • Asking members to help collate new evidence on Access to Work
  • Asking members to help collate evidence of the failures occurring within public sector contracts 
  • Exploring alternatives to the current register
  • Building a political voice

Download the introduction to NUBSLI (PDF) and find out more information and watch interpreters give their reasons for joining NUBSLI by visiting the NUBSLI website or simply join Unite online now.