Save legal aid and advice services

Legal Aid 1Unite is campaigning to defend legal aid and advice services. 

The legal aid and advice sector is a core pillar of our democratic society. It attempts to provide equal access to justice and the legal system for all. Without it the courts will be nothing more than another powerful weapon of the rich to protect their privilege.  

The Coalition Government has undertaken the biggest attack on access to justice in modern history, slashing legal aid, and funding for community support and advice services, while simultaneously introducing draconian changes to who is eligable for support and introducing fees to block access to courts and tribunals. The result has been that the most vulnerable are being priced out of justice.

Unite members work across the whole range of advice and legal support organisations including local authorities, Citizens Advice Bureaux, independent advice agencies and many local law centres, national charities, such as Shelter, Age UK and Youth Access and private sector law firms. 

Together, with the Justice Alliance, we are campaigning on a wide range of justice issues that affect our members The include campaiging for: 

  • A justice system that is equal and universally accessible for all
  • The reinstatement the legal aid system to support people through the criminal and civil legal system
  • To defend the right to challenge arbitrary and unfair decisions by government or other powerful bodies
  • To protect community legal and advice services from cuts and closures
  • To deliver workplace justice, including the right to belong to a trade union and access the employment tribunal system 
  • To build a justice system that protects the most vulnerable in society not just the rich and powerful

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