NUPIT - what you can do

Lobby your MP

Lobbying your MP simply means talking to him or her about your situation. Tell your MP how important professional interpreting and translation services are.

You can find out who is your local MP is by entering your home’s postcode here.

Next choose the way(s) that you will contact them. Send a letter, email, fax or visit your MP’s surgery.

•    Set out your main concerns regarding the Ministry of Justice proposals

•    Make it as personal as possible as this will have a bigger impact

•    Say what is wrong with the government’s approach

•    Explain why it is important to get this right for the profession and service users

•    Get the message across that quality interpreting and translation services - delivered by professionals - is about ensuring justice for all

•    Ask your MP for their support to ensure that only professionally trained interpreters should be allowed to deliver services to the public

•    And don’t forget to email NUPIT to let us know how you have got on