NUPIT - the alternatives

NUPITSUSOThe interpreting and translation professions’ world has been changing dramatically.  The use of technology and globalisation is interconnecting countries in ways undreamt of for many members of the profession. This provides huge opportunities, but is also challenging.

With travel costs being a concern to the Ministry of Justice, delivering interpreting services through video conferencing should be explored. This would also make savings in the length of time someone is detained as interpreters would be more accessible.

This is only one suggestion; ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ wants to help you to identify other ways that the service could be improved.

The importance of interpreting is recognised in many overseas countries, however it is little recognition of the profession in the UK. There is a real need to change this situation.

•    What can we learn from other countries?
•    What do you think should change to enhance interpreting and translating in the years to come?
•    We also support members working in other public services like hospitals and surgeries, what else could enhance their terms and conditions?

Tell us what you think? Email NUPIT your ideas.