Faith organisations - what does the branch do?

Helpline: 0333 123 0021
Advice and support are key to the work of the branch. Whatever the issue, whatever your need - call the helpline and you’ll be directed to the best support for your situation, including use of our accredited representatives around the whole of the UK.

Legal updates on clergy employment rights can be found here.  

The union works through campaigns and representation to deliver justice for those working in faith-based organisations. Current campaigns cover:

As a branch we campaign on issues selected by our members. The executive committee supports campaigns and enables the voice of faithworkers to shape the agenda of the wider trade union movement. It is elected by the members, and there is always room for new contributions. The current range of backgrounds includes Church of England, Society of Friends and Methodist Church who together seek to serve all members of the branch.  

The branch recognises that different faiths and denominations will have different structures and work practices and therefore has a policy of looking to relate to these by means of workplace groupings. The first of these, established in 2012 is the Church of England Clergy Advocates (CECA)All Church of England clergy joining the union are entitled to be part of CECA. In 2015 the Associaton of Methodist Faith Workers was established. This is a group for all members of the branch who also work for the Methodist church, both ordained and lay. Both of these have their own constitutions and executive committees, whilst remainihg firmly part of the branch.

Branch Officials

Chair: Stephen Trott
Vice Chair: Ruth Oates
Secretary: David Isiorho
Treasurer: Pete Hobson
Equalities Officer: Colette Joyce
Other members: Ariel Abel, Helen Harrell, Rosemary Power, Helen Roberts, Steven Saxby, Nicky Skipworth, Terry Young

Forthcoming Events 
Details of next branch meeting are available from the Secretary

Twitter: @uniteunionfaith