Defend social care and housing

Defend housing and social care Unite is taking the lead to stop the ‘race to the bottom’ in social care and housing. Let’s stand together to defend the sector and stand up for better standards by saying:

  • NO to cuts to services
  • NO to wage cuts 
  • NO to staffing cuts  
  • NO to replacing experienced staff with cheap labour
  • NO to putting vulnerable service users at risk 

Contact your local councillor and give them a copy of our briefing paper available here, and get them to sign up to our campaign statement above. You can find their contact details here.

You can send your MP the email we've drafted or write your own. If you have personal experience of the race to the bottom in social care and housing please let your MP know. MPs get lots of letters everyday so if you use this email, try to personalise it a little. The name of your MP will be displayed when you enter your postcode below and press the SUBMIT button.

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Tell us how the race to the bottom has affected you or those you know.