CYWNFP - Join Unite

ite is the largest union in the UK, representing over 60% of all union members in the sector, in over 6000 organisations.

These include members in social care and housing associations, the arts, trade unions and professional bodies, mental health, cancer, disability, poverty and children’s charities, education, youth and play organisations, legal, advice, guidance and community organisations, faith bodies, international aid organisations, environmental NGOs, campaign groups, animal welfare charities, as well as numerous quangos, funding agencies and umbrella bodies..

Join Unite - have a voice, take action and play a part...Unite the union - the union for all.


What you will need to join online today

  • Personal and employment details (if applicable)
  • An email account 
  • Bank details - to set up a direct debit

The sign up process

  1. Complete the join online form
    Complete the simple form with your personal information and current job details if applicable.

  2. Find out the cost of your membership 
     The online application will work out your monthly membership fee based on the information you give us.*
  3. Set up a direct debit
    If you are happy with monthly fee, you can complete the Direct Debit and activate your membership.

  4. Receive email & instant My Unite access
    A membership pack will follow in the post which will include your Unite membership number.

*The online application will calculate your joining fee prior to any payment being requested 

Further membership information and contribution rates