You deserve a pay rise

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Unite believes that YOU deserve a pay rise

Wages have fallen by £1,300 on average per year since the coalition government took office with workers in the community and not for profit organisations amongst the worst hit. 

Since the financial crisis in 2008 the sector has been hit by a toxic combination of massive government budget cuts and slashed funding, Treasury edicts freezing and capping pay as well as reductions in voluntary giving. All this has meant that earnings for workers in many organisations have failed to keep pace with the cost of living. 

In other cases employers have simply held back pay because they can. Organisations have frozen pay for many years, while some have given inflation busting pay rises to senor figures.

At Unite we believe that you work for your organisation because you care, but that does not mean that you should be exploited or not paid fairly. Unite believes that you deserve a pay rise.

Join us to demand fair pay in the Community and Not for Profit sector:

  • End to cuts to funding
  • An end to poverty pay
  • A pay rise for all staff
  • Greater pay equality

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