4 for all housing workers campaign

4 per cent pay campaign Unite’s housing workers demand a minimum 4% pay rise for 2017

Over the last year, the cost of many essential items outstripped inflation, with double digit rises to fuel, car tax and insurance and housing. 

Housing charities and associations had the lowest overall pay awards in the last year with an average of just 1% compared to 2.5% in the private sector, meaning many have experienced real terms pay cuts.

Housing workers are working harder and for longer hours and the pay no longer reflects how complex the work has become.

But the housing sector has never been more profitable with record breaking surpluses for housing associations, which accumulated almost 3 million homes worth almost £139 billion. They also have a further £88 billion of fixed assets to fall back on.

Materials are available for you to download to help with your 4% pay campaign. As well as accessing the bargaining brief and the Work, Voice, Pay guides these documents can help win a pay rise for housing workers. 


For further information please contact Siobhan Endean, national officer