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European aviation currently provides employment for 5.1 million people, serving 790 million passengers on European airlines in 2012 and making an estimated annual contribution to European GDP of €365 billion. 

There is a great deal of competition between carriers and airports for passengers. As a result of this competition, low-cost airlines have appeared in many European nations, accounting for 40% of the EU aviation market. This seamingly ever-increasing market share, especially in the market for short- and medium-haul flights, has had a negative impact on the social protection of employees.

Unite is the largest body within UK aviation, and uses its influence to promote policies that ensure that the industry is as sustainable as possible whilst promoting growth to provide the much needed capacity to compete in the global market.

Unite is member-led and therefore reflects the calls from its membership to develop policies that improve job security and the protection of employees from the demands of the industry to cut corners in order to make profit.

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Link Type Icon Transport Matters - a Unite strategy for transport, key points and recommendations (updated November 2015). 2.98Mb
Link Type Icon Transport Matters - a Unite strategy for transport (updated November 2015) 2.98Mb
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