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From April 2013 the government expects you to pay your legal costs from damages even though you were not responsible for your accident. The changes being made are designed to prevent and restrict people who have been injured in accidents from being able to recover compensation.

The legal costs recoverable in personal injury claims are being drastically reduced. The government is seeking to move the cost burden of pursuing claims onto the innocent injured party.

Your employers insurance company will get off the hook and solicitors and claims management companies will pay for their costs by reducing up to 25% of your damages!

With Unite you will recover ALL of your damages. Unite Legal Services will ensure you get every penny you are entitled to.


You can trust Unite solicitors to get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to in the minimum time possible – because they are the most experienced specialists in personal injury law in the UK and have experts specialising in your workplace.

What’s more, they guarantee you will receive 100% of your compensation and you will not pay a penny for their services.

If you have been injured in an accident contact Unite to be directed on to our specialist solicitors. Contact Unite by either:

- Contacting your regional office
- Telephone 0800 709 007

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