How we help

Member BenefitsUnite is dedicated to serving the best interests of its members and will seek to improve their standard of living and the quality of their lives through effective relationships with employers and government.

Strongly industrially based, our structure means we can represent your interests effectively in your workplace, no matter whether you work in the country or what industrial sector you work in. 

Unite's Community membership also means those not in employment are welcomed into the union family.

Members of Unite are entitled to a range of legal and member services with representation services covering a range of issues, both inside and outside the workplace. 

We can help with personal injury claims, employment matters, wills, conveyancing and many other legal issues.

You never know when you might need advice with a problem at work. So it’s good to know Unite is here to help. If you know who your local branch rep is, contact them in the first instance. Or you can contact your Unite regional office for more information. Unite also has a wide network of district offices, one of which may be closer to where you live.

If you need to email someone at Unite the formula is 

The union’s headquarters is Unite, Unite House, 128 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8TN Tel: 0330 123 3003 (UK) or 1890 946 241 (RoI).