Unite in schools

Unite in schoolsUnite in Schools is a national programme run by the union which aims to teach school students about the role of trade unions in the workplace.

The programme is targeted at years 10 and 11 and can be linked into the National Curriculum under Citizenship for Key Stage 4. Sessions can also be delivered to students in Higher and Further Education when requested.

Unite in Schools is being delivered by members of Unite, usually work place representatives, who have been trained to deliver the programme and to facilitate debate in the classroom.

In a short classroom session, the Unite in Schools speakers outline how trade unions work to improve the pay and terms and conditions of their members - as well as protecting workers against bullying or discrimination. Students are asked to participate in one or two activities which aim to open meaningful discussions on trade unions.
If you are interested in getting involved with the Unite in Schools programme, please contact: Mary Sayer or Liane Groves

Richard Garbett (Vice Head Spalding High School):
‘I enjoyed your session at Spalding High School - it was obvious when you began that the students had little idea of what a Union is or how they function. I'm sure they left the session much more informed! The 'votes' and mini-debates were especially effective and the student's confidence in answering was growing as the session went on.’