Union negotiated apprenticeship programmes, are an important component in sustaining a strong organised workplace. They are vital for apprentices to get the best training possible for their future career. Shop Stewards/Reps must be involved in all aspects of apprenticeship programmes from design to implementation. In doing this we show apprentices that Unite exists not just to protect terms and conditions, but in the actual quality of training they receive and the reputation of their apprenticeship in the industry they work in. 

Unite’s position is clear, young workers must not be used as cheap labour and need the protection of their union. This protection must start with direct union input on the structure and the quality of apprenticeships within an organised workplace. 

Apprenticeships must not be allowed to be in the gift of the employer, they are another area of the workplace that demands Unite’s direct involvement. Shop Stewards/Reps need to leave apprentices in no doubt, that they are getting the best quality apprenticeship available because they are working and training in an organised workplace that takes pride in its members and the work that they do. To download PDF and Word versions of the template guidance follow the links below.