100% Unite

As part of the wider move to ensure that Unite fulfils its objective of becoming a truly ‘Organising Union’ we have refocused our efforts toward building and developing industrial power where the Union has existing bargaining agreements.
100 percent UNITE
100% UNITE was officially launched in November 2011, following months of extensive information gathering, research and planning. The union has taken a clear decision to focus Officer resource on building and developing workplace organisation.

The development and maintenance of effective shop steward leadership at the place of work, is considered critical to the success of 100% UNITE.

Due to the dedication of Unite Reps, Organisers and Officials 100% UNITE has been a great success. Since the launch we’ve made substantial gains in target workplaces:
100 percent Toolbox
Total number of campaigns: 2,734

Number of new activists: 12,093

Number of new members: 332,797

The 100% Toolbox provides some basic templates for:

Listing reps on your Union or Staff noticeboard
Nominating your workplace as a 100% target
Mapping your workplace
Creating Union newsletters