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Union Learning Reps - Stage 1
Union Learning Reps - Stage 2

Andy Pearson, education & development organiser 
T: 0113 236 4830   F: 0113 236 4831
Unite the Union, 55 Call Lane, Leeds LS1 7BW
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Union Learning Reps - Stage 1 (5 days) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Venue Start End Duration
Leeds College
5 Thursdays
Leeds 17-Oct-16 14-Nov-16 5 Mondays
5 Thursdays
Middlesbrough 27-Sep-16
5 Tuesdays
Sheffield 31-May-16 29-Jun-16 5 Tuesdays

.Union Learning Reps - Stage 2 (5 days)
. .
. .

Venue Start End Duration
Hull College
5 consecutive days
Leeds College
06-Jun-16 04-Jul-16 5 Mondays
Newcastle College
06-Jun-16 04-Jul-16 5 Mondays

What is a union learning representative?

The primary duties of a union learning representative are:

Promoting Learning

- promote learning opportunities
- identify members' learning needs
- give support to members to help overcome barriers to learning
- signpost or refer to other sources of advice, support and learning opportunities
- work with learning providers

Work with Unite

- work with other reps embedding learning into Unite's work in your workplace / branch
- identify opportunities to use learning as an organising tool
- link to branch and wider Unite structures
- gather, record and collate information for branch, learning organiser, etc

Raise learning issues with the employer

- develop an awareness of Government policies and priorities
- find out about skills required within local/sector labour markets
- work with the employer to improve learning opportunities
- negotiate around learning and skills as part of the bargaining process

ULRs have the same statutory rights as all workplace reps.  The Employment Act 2002 states that:

- learning representatives should be given reasonable paid time off to carry out their duties and undertake training
- union members are entitled to unpaid time off to consult their ULR where the union is recognised for collective bargaining purposes

ULRs have a place in Unite's structure:

Rule 18.1 - At each workplace the members employed at that workplace shall elect from amongst themselves, at least every three years, one or more of the following representatives:

- shop stewards/workplace representatives
- safety representatives
- learning representatives
- equality representatives
- environment representatives