Welfare benefit changes

welfarechangesThese changes are part of a package of reforms to the tax and benefit system this government is making - dismantling entitlements to social security and welfare support and attacking some of the poorest people in our society.

Many more people are being pushed into poverty because of what this government is doing.

More information can be found in the leaflets below and any further changes to the details documented here, can be found here

This timeline only includes the most significant changes for our members. It does not cover changes to pension credits.

Type Name Size
Link Type Icon Universal credit: are you prepared? 0.48Mb
Link Type Icon Benefit cap: are you prepared? 0.46Mb
Link Type Icon Bedroom Tax: are you prepared? 0.48Mb
Link Type Icon Council Tax Benefit: are you prepared? 0.48Mb
Link Type Icon Disability Living Allowance: are you prepared? 0.52Mb