General Secretary & Executive Council Elections 2017

Unite is holding an election for General Secretary alongside the one for a new Executive Council (EC) early in 2017. The General Secretary will hold office for 5 years and the new EC will hold office for 3 years from May 2017 to April 2020. The timetable for these elections is set out below. 

Any member who is eligible to vote in the election and has at least 5 years continuous membership of the union can stand for General Secretary.

To stand in the Executive Council election a member must be an accountable representative of workers, a paying member of at least 13 weeks and a member of the constituency they wish to represent. 

Members who wanted to stand for the EC election were invited to submit a campaign statement. These statements will be circulated by e-mail to all branches along with an invitation to submit nominations. 

Branches and workplaces will be invited to submit nominations for the General Secretary and Executive Council elections in accordance with the following timetable. Letters will be posted to branches and workplace representatives with further details during the first week of January.

Election Timetable:

Invitation to submit nominations will be sent out

w/c 2 January 2017

 Nominations Period

Monday 16 January – Friday 17  February 2017

Voting Period

27 March – 19 April 2017

General Secretary – Count and scrutiny of the ballot papers will take place

20–22 April 2017

Executive Council - Count  and scrutiny of the ballot papers will take place form

20 – 28 April 2017

New EC takes office

1 May 2017

If you have any further queries about either of these elections please submit them by e-mail to: or visit the ERS Unite general secretary and Executive Council 2017 election website