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16 October 2014

The three trade unions which make up the Police Staff Council Trade Union Side announce today plans to ballot our police staff membership for industrial action over the dispute we have registered over this year’s pay negotiations for police staff in England and Wales.

The dispute followed a 1% pay offer which members of the three unions rejected overwhelmingly in a consultation which was carried out by each union in August/September this year. Members of all three unions indicated at the time of the consultation that they were prepared to undertake industrial action to seek to improve the offer.

The outcome of this consultation was reported to the Police Staff Council meeting on 18 September 2014, and the unions asked the employers to reopen the pay talks to improve the 1% offer.

As the employers were unwilling to re-open negotiations, the unions subsequently wrote on 25 September to register a trade dispute between the members represented by the Police Staff Council Trade Union Side and the Employers Side in relation to the failure of the Employers to: 
  • meet our 2014 pay claim for:

    - a 3%, or £500, increase (whichever is the greater) on all PSC pay points with effect from 1 September 2014

    - a 3% increase on standby allowance with effect from 1 September 2014

  • engage in meaningful negotiations over our claim
We confirmed that until such time as we reach a satisfactory outcome to this year’s pay negotiations, a trade dispute will exist between the members of the constituent unions of the Trade Union Side and the Employers, including all matters arising out of and in consequence of this dispute.

As it has not been possible to re-open talks to improve the pay offer, UNISON, UNITE and GMB confirm that we are now making the necessary preparations to run a formal industrial action ballot of our respective police staff members with a view to taking the first day of action prior to Christmas, subject to the outcome of the ballot, with the aim of improving the pay offer.