Stop privatising the police!

Robocop Steps Out
Robocop Keep Our Police Public

On 1st April 2013 Police Forces across Scotland were merged in to a single Police Service for Scotland. This will have implications for Police Staff in Scotland as the new Police Service reorganises and reforms current services, contracts and assets. Click here for the report on the Unite meeting with Police Chiefs and the Cabinet Secretary for Justice Scotland.  

Unite members in the police service have been demonstrating against proposals to privatise whole swathes of the police in Surrey and the West Midlands. On Thursday 12 July as hundreds demonstrated against the plans to sell off core services to companies like G4S - itself embroiled in the Olympic security fiasco - both Surrey and the West Midlands caved in to public pressure and voted to shelve their plans. However privatisation plans remain on the agenda so keep checking back to support the campaign and keep our police public.
Unite has lifted the lid on the activities and record of some of the organisations attempting to profit from our police service.
Under guidance from the Home Office, Surrey and the West Midlands police have advertised contracts worth £1.5 billion to run policing services in both forces. The contracts could lead to the privatisation of crime investigation, forensics, 999 call-handling, custody and detention and a wide range of police support services by as early as February next year. The privatisation plans have the full backing of Cameron and May. The party of law and order is getting this badly wrong!
If we don’t get Surrey and the West Midlands police to completely ditch the privatisation plans the contagion will spread across all 43 forces police forces in England and Wales.