TTIP and the threat to the NHS legal advice

Cameron secret TTIP filesUnless the government acts now the UK will lose sovereignty over the NHS because of an EU trade deal called TTIP

New legal advice from one of Britain’s top EU lawyers has now been sent to every politician in the UK warning that the European trade deal called TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) poses a real and serious risk to the NHS. 

TTIP is being negotiated behind closed doors between the EU and the United States. It threatens to make the sell-off of the NHS irreversible.

The government has its own secret legal advice on the impact of this EU deal on the NHS but they will not make it public. Even your own MP can’t easily see the government’s legal advice. That’s why Unite has sought legal advice from a renowned legal expert and is making the advice available for all to see. The advice has now been sent to every politician in the UK. It shows beyond doubt that the NHS is at risk from TTIP.

It’s hard to believe that our prime minister David Cameron is allowing Brussels’ bureaucrats to hand over the keys to our hospitals and GP surgeries to US private healthcare but that is effectively what is happening. 

The people of this country do not believe it is right for the NHS to be part of a EU trade deal and nor do most of our political leaders. We urge the prime minister to act by demanding that the NHS is excluded from this trade deal. 

Download the legal advice here: TTIP and its potential impact on the NHS [PDF]


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