Why should people choose Unite?

Unite is a new union establishing new traditions and structures relevant to the needs of our members. We are committed to serving the best interests of our members and to seeking improvements in their standard of living and quality of lives through effective relationships with employers and government.
Unite is Britain's largest trade union across the private and public sectors and the largest private sector union. We have over one million members ranging right across the board from the shop floor to senior managers.
Our members expect recognition for the contribution that they make to their employer's success. They expect to be respected and they expect their views to be listened to. This is Unite's priority - working to ensure that our members get the recognition and respect they deserve.
Unite is built on a structure of trained workplace representatives. These are your colleagues - people like you who know the job you do, your company's culture and management. These reps are supported by our full time regional officers who are industrial relations specialists and who, in turn, are backed up by our extensive research and legal departments.
Being such a large trade union with sound financial status we have the resources at our disposal to allow us to provide our members with first class, professional industrial relations advice and support.