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On 8 June the people of this country go back to the polls to elect a new government. But if you're not, registered you can't vote. 

We can change the direction of our country with our vote. It's the most powerful thing we own. Don't lose your power. Register to vote today. 

Renters, students and immigrant communities are the most under-represented on the roll - the very people who need to make their voices heard in this election. Be a voter registration champion and get your friends, work colleagues, neighbours and family members vote ready!

Registering online is quick, easy and secure

1. Go to

2. It takes minutes to register online, but your vote is your power to bring about change. Fill in your name, address, date of birth and a few other details. You will need your national insurance number. You can find this on your pay slip, or on official letters about benefits or tax credits. If you’ve lost it, got to:

3. Get your friends and family voting too! Union members need to make there presence felt in this election. Don't sit it out. Use the materials and get on Twitter and Facebook to help spread the word. To order a supply contact the comms team.

Go postal!

Our lives are so busy now so why not make voting easier and apply for a postal vote?   Anyone can apply to vote by post – but you need to do so by 5pm on 23 May in England, Wales and Scotland. In Northern Ireland it's 5pm on the 18 May.

Go to Simply download the form, fill it in and return it to your local election registrations office. For more information and to find your local office, go to YourVoteMatters

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